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Our story, values and mission statement

Our Mission

Zeaware’s mission is to be a trusted supplier of quality enterprise software that enables our customers to leverage data to make better decisions.

Our mission values are:

  • Quality - Do what we do well, produce quality products that our customers have a good experience with and trust.
  • Focus – We are building a business for the long term and decisions are made to reflect this. Short term wins should not compromise long term success.
  • Harmony – Computers should do tasks that computers do best, and people should do the tasks that people do best. AI and automation should be people centric and bring harmony.
  • Diversity – Diversity generates perspective, creativity, innovation and competitive advantage. Lack of diversity disadvantages business and the community.
  • Enjoy – We all spend a lot of our life working, we want to make that experience as enjoy and fun as possible. Both for our team and our customers.

Our Story

Zeaware’s founders have a long history of providing solutions to enterprise customers. Overtime we noticed an opportunity in the market where organisations were undertaking digital transformation projects and moving workloads to the cloud, but finding that gaps in the cloud offerings were making this harder, more costly and more difficult than expected.

Zeaware was founded to address this need, to provide solutions to accelerate transformation and the move to cloud, by providing quality cloud native software that enriches the customer journey.


Tony Bain - MAICD

Tony is driven by a passion to deliver exceptional software and services to our customers.

Approaching two decades of building businesses that are related to big data, machine learning, AI and automation technologies. Tony has worked with very large enterprise organisations as well as start-ups, and have published numerous books & articles and have been a frequent conference speaker.

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