January 30, 2023

Data Objectives for Modern Retailers

In the competitive retail environment, leveraging data is key for success. With many retailers providing multi-channel options, data is abundantly available however often fragmented.  

Retailers aim to consolidate data to get valuable insights into their customers' preferences and behaviour so they can offer personalized products and services that appeal to their customers. This way, retailers can create unique shopping experiences that increase customer loyalty and sales. However, they must also make sure they are following privacy laws and security best practices to protect customers' data and privacy.

By gaining a deeper understanding of each customer's unique needs and circumstances, retailers can offer personalized promotions and product recommendations that cater to individual requirements. By knowing their customers' preferences, retailers can create bespoke shopping experiences that foster customer loyalty and drive repeat sales. However, retailers must ensure they don’t abuse or erode customer loyalty and trust while doing so.

Another important data goal for retailers is optimizing their inventory and supply chain. This helps retailers to reduce stockouts, overstocking, lost sales and maximize their share of customer spending and overall profits. By using data on sales and purchasing behaviour, retailers can predict demand and adjust their inventory accordingly.  

Forecasting has long been a challenge for retailers and in some ways, this has become more complex with:
  • Global supply chain issues and delays which may now require ordering with greater lead times
  • Periods of instability in buying patterns over recent years potentially making forecasting based on prior activity challenging
  • Economic uncertainty, inflation and interest rate changes
However, modern techniques and tools are available to help navigate through these challenges and help retailers more quickly identify and adapt to changing conditions.

By focusing on key data objectives, retailers can improve their financial performance, retain customers, and react quickly to changing market conditions.

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