ZCS Team
November 24, 2023

Machine Learning as a Service

While ML & AI have become buzzwords that are being talked about almost endlessly, typically only organizations with advanced strategies and capabilities are routinely deploying robust ML/AI solutions that yield positive ROI. Challenges, such as the need for advanced skillsets and data transformation, often hinder successful model development, leaving many businesses concerned about losing their competitive edge. These skills can be hard to find and expensive to retain for many organisations limiting their use of this advanced technology.

ZCS's new Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) offering transforms the landscape by becoming a key partner that seamlessly integrates into your tech and business teams, driving strategic business outcomes through advanced analytics. Our MLaaS spans the entire lifecycle of machine learning model development, from design and testing to production deployment, monitoring, optimization, and ongoing support, all with a relentless focus on delivering optimal ROI. ZCS remains engaged throughout the lifecycle, providing tools, templates, and streamlined processes to expedite development timelines and reduce risks, ensuring a faster time to value.

Example capabilities include:

  • Churn Prediction - Elevate your business's resilience with a specialized churn prediction model. Maintaining happy and loyal customers for subscription and membership-based businesses is vital, as is identifying potential customer attrition. Our service assists organizations in creating effective machine learning models for predicting churn, allowing proactive identification and resolution of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Forecasting - Unlock the power of forecasting with our specialized service designed to assist organizations in accurately predicting future demand. Leveraging the latest techniques and technologies, including the Zeaware Forecasting software, we enable businesses to gain valuable insights and make faster, smarter decisions.
  • Custom Models - We craft tailored machine learning models that align with your unique business needs. Our approach involves a comprehensive understanding of your data landscape, industry nuances, and specific goals to develop custom models that deliver actionable insights. Whether you require predictive analytics, anomaly detection, or other specialized solutions, our team builds models that address your specific challenges.

ZCS provides end-to-end lifecycle management, covering design, build, deployment, ongoing support, optimization, and maintenance. Our commitment to operational excellence ensures your machine learning models consistently deliver value throughout their lifecycle. ZCS MLaaS is also delivered under a simple and clear pricing model, offering clarity on investment upfront, enabling you to predict and manage costs effectively. Moreover, ZCS MLaaS capabilities seamlessly integrate across all major cloud providers, minimizing uplift and ensuring compatibility with your existing cloud architectures.

To learn more, please follow the link below:

Machine Learning as a Service

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