Zeaware Team
November 26, 2023

Zeaware CDP adds support for Microsoft Fabric

Zeaware CDP stands out as a composable customer data platform (CDP) solution, offering users unparalleled flexibility and control over their data. One of the key advantages of Zeaware CDP is its commitment to avoiding unnecessary duplication and recreation of data warehouses, allowing users to selectively ingest the data that matters most to them. In this vein, Zeaware CDP is thrilled to announce its support for Microsoft Fabric, aligning with Microsoft's recent general availability announcement for its SaaS data platform.

What's New in Zeaware CDP Nov-24 Release?

With the Nov-24 release, Zeaware CDP introduces seamless integration with Microsoft Fabric through its dedicated connector. This integration opens up a range of possibilities for users, enabling them to:

  • Ingest Customer Data from Microsoft Fabric into Zeaware CDP - Zeaware CDP facilitates the smooth ingestion of customer data from Microsoft Fabric, eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming data transfer processes.
  • Unify and Generate Golden Customer Records - Harnessing the power of Zeaware CDP, users can unify customer data from various sources, including Microsoft Fabric, to create comprehensive and accurate golden customer records. This consolidation enhances data quality and ensures a single, reliable source of truth.
  • Generate Customer Metrics from Microsoft Fabric - Leverage Zeaware CDP's capabilities to derive meaningful customer metrics, such as RFM, CLV, AOV, etc., directly from queries run on Microsoft Fabric. This streamlined process empowers businesses with actionable insights without the hassle of redundant data handling.
  • Export Golden Customer Records into Microsoft Fabric - Zeaware CDP allows users to export the refined golden customer records back into Microsoft Fabric, ensuring data consistency across platforms.

Data Privacy Assurance

Zeaware CDP prioritizes data privacy, applying robust data privacy rules across customer data sourced from Microsoft Fabric. The platform enforces privacy gates and attaches privacy flags to denote consented data use, aligning seamlessly with customer opt-in/out preferences. This commitment to privacy safeguards businesses against compliance risks and builds trust with customers.


With the Nov-24 release, Zeaware CDP continues to empower businesses with a composable, user-centric approach to customer data management. The integration with Microsoft Fabric signifies a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, providing users with a comprehensive solution that combines flexibility, efficiency, and stringent data privacy measures. Embrace the future of customer data management with Zeaware CDP and Microsoft Fabric.

About Zeaware CDP

Zeaware CDP helps provide a 360-degree view of the customer is essential for businesses, to understand their customers and respond effectively to changing needs and opportunities. Zeaware CDP is designed to unify customer data, consent and privacy controls. It is a “Hybrid” composable CDP, providing source of truth for Golden Customer records while leverages data from existing data warehouses, applications, databases etc.

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