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Zeaware CDP Release

| Zeaware Team

Australian organizations with mid to large customer lists have challenges ahead when it comes to compliance with privacy regulations. The Australian government has signaled that compliance with privacy legislation is not something businesses can be lax about, and upcoming privacy act reforms will increase the responsibilities of all who collect customer data.

This is why we are excited to launch our Zeaware Customer Data Platform (CDP) with integrated privacy management.

Organisations who collect customer data need to be able to demonstrate consent for data use and manage and track opt-in and the right to opt-out.

Customers may also agree to different data use, which will affect how customer data is analyzed, shared and leveraged. Most Australian organisations cannot manage differening customer privacy conditions today and may even struggle to prove basic consent for email marketing.

Zeaware CDP provides capabilities to capture and control the use of customer data consistent with what the customer has consented too.

But consent is only one side, to be effective this needs integrate across all systems where customer data and originates or is consumed. Our core CDP features provide unification and consolidation of customer details sourced from diverse systems, generating a clean, deduplicated “golden” customer record - that also has attached privacy controls.

Zeaware CDP is composable, related systems can be leveraged and querying in place by the CDP. This allows the creation of measures to be attached to the golden customer record, such as customer lifetime value (CLV), average transaction size, average basket size etc. Existing applications and data warehouses or lakehouses become key sources for this.

Zeaware CDP can also create segments, a way to group similar customers for further analysis or personalization of services or offers. With the Zeaware CDP built in privacy, this will ensure any analysis or targeting is consistent with the agreed privacy conditions for each individual customer.

And finally Zeaware CDP exports the golden customer into external systems including CRM, retail, eCommerce, marketing etc. This is where our Privacy Gates are applied, only allowing customer records to flow when they have agreed to the way that the downstream system will use their data, e.g. only customers who have agreed to personalized offers, flow into the system that generates these offers.

Zeaware CDP allows its users to have the benefits of a CDP platform including 360-degree view, unification and golden customer generation, along with measures and segmentation. But it also allows them to become more stringent in terms of privacy and customer data management, and to get on the forefront of providing their customers data privacy controls, building trust and recognition with those customers.

If you would like to learn more about the Zeaware CDP platform please visit the link below.


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